and periostitic transplantation. — (Lancet, October 26, 1872.)
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review committees from actions by physicians and other
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who had extensive experience in fever, and who had observed it with
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the concomitant dietary regimen Tenuate may decrease the hypo-
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Case I. — Henry Q., labourer, aged fifty, admitted into hospital on the
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hyporiboflavinosis. Symptoms include angular stomati-
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M. F errand undertakes in this volume to furnish students and
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b'th June. — Reaction has set in. Pulse 100, tolerably strong.
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stances spinal surgery can be a tedious procedure per-
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Dr. Davis has been active in many medical groups, including
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attitude. Doctors continue to focus on patient care, new
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did not agree with the theory — to syphilitic Lesion.
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drogenase deficiency, hemolysis, frequently dose-related, may
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ment on it of the septum ventriculorum. The muscular fibres presented
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Jean Jones Perdue, M.D., receives the Dade County Medical Association’s First Annual Physicians Recognition Award from DCMA
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Florida’s Measles Emergency — Old Disease, New Problem
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into hemolytic anemia by a strong reducing agent. In the
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instant and visible magic of television we often find it is
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called brush border covering the luminal surfaces of the
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had tried. None of them were supportive oxfords; all
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therapy. The risk of sepsis is negligible when aseptic
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healthy in appearance. Not the faintest trace of deposition or alteration
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FEBRUARY COVER — This cover was designed by Mr. Donald C. Jones, Executive Director of the Florida Medical Association, and
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looking into the history of the program, its problems and
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Impotence, changes in libido, gynecomastia, menstrual upset. Hema-
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or national diet pattern is high in calories, saturated fat,
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They reminisced about the good old days when Fox was
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9. Kafatos, A. G., and Christakis, G.: Pediatric Nutritional Determinants of Chronic
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payment for health care services. Between those two
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Human, J. Neuropath, and Exp. Neurol. 1:173-180, 1942