ganglion cells of the anterior cornua. To each individual muscle belongs a

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that according to the Law Oasati all examinations made and deg^rees obtained

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favorable circumstances this condition may gradually disappear in the course

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ance. In a few cases we see an increased sweat secretion. We may add that,

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Philosophy in the Division of Biological Sciences when the following requirements have

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movements are extremely Violent. The patient is tossed about in his bed, and

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rapid, and often somewhat irregular. Exceptionally it is less frequent than

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also possible to acquire such a predisposition. At least it may be developed

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quently a weakness of the right abducens. It makes it much easier to test

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and the Methods of Testing Them. — As is known from physiology, the irri-

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state of red softening underneath these spots. Another not very rare symp-

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The second examination embraces : (1) Epidemiology and Endemio-

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for medical and undergraduate students. Prerequisite: Biochemistry 201. C. Summer,

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fibers from the same hemisphere. And yet in most of these cases of pseudo-

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Golding Bird and C. Brooks ; " Physical Geography," by Mr. Somerville.

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We must mention here a special symptom-complex, meralgia paraesthetica

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the central canal, hydromyelus ; then the substance of the cord is atrophied

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