here laid on the necessity for perfect control of accommodation on the
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Knox had other still more serious faults, of which his enemies took
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enclosed by a handsome railing, and otherwise improved.
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The apparently spontaneous outbreak of contagious diseases in many cases
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mitted to Examination, each Candidate must produce satisfactory evi-
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The Medical Examinations take place annually in Michaelmas Term.
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quired to have kept medical terms in the University.
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close. All the successful candidates at the late navy examination were
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emergency. Altogether, the two hospitals will afford accommodation
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the advanced pupils gentlemen willing and able to guide, for the Meath
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hour's distance), and that I would stay at Libramont and ascertain
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among the deceased. A high death-rate in Margate has often been the
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They should also have a pkan of study, taking as fixed points the hours
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not thousands, of addresses, which may be found, in abstract or at
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of a candidate's having studied pathology ; and, in proportion to the
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chamber ; its body, which was apparently of the size of a large liemp-
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authority, may, in certain cases, also be ordered. Under the same Act,