mally s : tusted, but in practical everyday work we may expect
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when there is costal pain and soreness ; headache on right side,
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has been used in pulmonary disorders and phthisis to allay fever,
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ness which directed the attention of medical men to them
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remedies. Properly combined with indicated auxiliary measures,
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and a relaxed pendulous abdomen. In such persons it reduces
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or caulophyllum, and the superior of Pulsatilla. In menstrual
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tiva were bloodless ; appetite perverted ; bowels excessively
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or one of the essential oils ; in others we make it a vehicle for the
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relieves the pain of urinary calculi, as well as exerts an influence
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It will be in the recollection of some of our readers that, in the third
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cured by the ^^physiological rest" resulting from the divi-
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tives. Removal of the deposits is facilitated by the establish-
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these, as a rule, are sufficient, to them a fourth can be added with
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patients who need a sedative and hypnotic. It possesses superior
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The following table, compiled from the police records, un-
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Indications. — Scurvy and general scorbutic conditions.
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nerves downward to the cardiac plexus, which supplies the
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promote the activity of tissue change and increase. the excretion
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cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Small doses are tonic to
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able facts not easily obtained through any other source. It
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perturbation is real, as I believe, grave complications are
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in the solid medium begin about the fragment of tissue and
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patient suffering from chronic bronchitis and emphysema, or
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as well as the excitability of the nervous chords ; tactile
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words, a true chancre, produced by the absorption of the
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Matico is employed with good success in dyspepsia resulting
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due to a wrong of the organs themselves is readily determined
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having got along through his "Z' Universe" (his most
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ly, or when combined with other diseases, as with croup,
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must be given the benefit of the doubt, and the infection fought
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wise the additional irritation from the worm medicine may prove
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the mouth may be dry or moist, but the tongue must never show
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idea would be pretty accurately conveyed. Recognizing
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and simple primary sores precisely alike in all their physi-
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prevent its further appearance, by reducing the diet to somc-
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"The intestinal fluid serves, as regards its function, as a com-
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the two preceding. In these straight vessels the blood probably
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trary, does harm, in acute inflammatory conditions. When, how-
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central position ; pulse sixty-seven ; treatment continued,
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in a non-oxygenated atmosphere. Tiic condition of the heart
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skin, not contagious in its character, affecting the tissue