medical teacher. It was here that I first formed his acquaintance,
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conversation in relation to the protective powers of vaccination, and
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adhesion and an obliteration of the cavity of the vessel as a
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have been considered under tlie head of the clinical histor}^, shed light
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rhoea. Weaning brash, watery gripes, and choleric fever of children, are
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of tuberculosis. 1 do not join in this opinion. Whatever be the form
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Bouchardat advises to combine with the preparation of iron, magnesia,
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remedies should be conjoined only when they co-operate for a common
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the drug is contra-indicated, as it easily provokes gastro-
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securing uniformity as to activity, for unsound materials are subject to progressive
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mixed with bloody serum and purulent matter. The peritoneal covering
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sorted to, it is apt to fail after a time ; the rectum becoming accustomed, as
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of the substance of the heart, or the muscular walls, is distinguished as
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rheumatism. The two former of these affections were formerly, doubtless,
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Indigestion and Constipation are said to be greatly relieved and very often conquered continued
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inability to retain in the memory 1 11 the events which occurred while the
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they anastomose together in a net-work." — Encyclop, Atuxtom,, vol. v.
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Dr. Wood is an able clinician, and this makes his book valuable. His observations are
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Marked dulness on percussion over the affected side, especially at the
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rous enough to constitute an epidemic, it is a matter of common observa-
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and more material of direct practical value to the practising physician than is
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scribed by Sir E. Home is perceptible. He mentions the patches
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' Extensively used in Hospitals, Cliniques and private
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solidified lung, for the exudation has already deprived it of blood ; and
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and Experimental Physiology, Minor Surgery, Bandaging
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the attention of the intelligent and reflecting. It is, perhaps,
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was 5,447; and above that age 4,208. Of the latter number, 176