In a previous lecture I have explained to you that scarlatina is one

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expectoration at night; mucus, frothy, or blood-streaked; rust-

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treat such cases? By the use of the lancet. Begin, however, cau-

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Dr. Gale, of Newburyport, reported an interesting case of the

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Bureau of Surgery.— -W. T, Helmuth, M.D., St. Louis; G. D,

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upon us, I accepted it as an omen, that the Institute, after a long

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clinical and experimental research was instituted looking toward the

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Smith, Thomas Franklin, M.D., E. 128th St. Fourth Ave., New York.

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applied, it cures old rotten Ulcers, running Sores 6

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fully attended to, always enable us to form a correct diagnosis of the

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Pomeroy, as appears from the statement of Dr. Harvey, the disease has

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different positions of the body in healthy persons — The Cerebral Circulation —

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attack upon the old Massachusetts Medical Society, by one of its

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Riley, Henry A., M.D., Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pa.

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preponderance of dry pajamas over that of corresponding wet beds,

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is easier to gain parents' consent, does not require

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returned no more. Two years before, while nursing her first child,

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of Pollen Extracts in the prevention and treatment of Hay Fever.

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in spite of all the obstacles interposed by diversity of soil or climate.

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cursory symptoms had appeared, denoting the approach of the fit, for

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serious attention. The entrance of animal matters into, and their pro-

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circumstances concur to produce this effect ; but the most influential is

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or Stool : and ufed as a Diet Drink, it is good for

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Dr. Shattuck, of Boston, had had a very bad case of rheumatism,

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vations of a trained clinician. Some of the chapters in the older volumes have, with

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perspiration and rest. This lad^s mother and sister were just conva-

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Principles of Homoeopathy, and Dr. T. F. Allen, Surgeon to the New

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appeared a little better, then worse, till her endurance was nearly

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particularly severe; under the usual means of treatment he recovered.

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discharged. A few days afterwards, her mother applied to have her re-

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and in the sixth probably, the left ventricle was involved in the

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ally. They would look upon it as an act of great benevolence, and

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