total parenteral nutrition. Potassium is required for the
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cheesy metamorphosis ensues ; be it seen in the enlarged glands in the neck,
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chronic intoxication with anorectic drugs include severe dermatoses,
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whether that might not be modified with advantage. The trouble-
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From the Departments of Physiology and Behavioral Studies, Colleges of Medicine and
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thoroughly re-cast that it would be impossible to strictly compare
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mid- 1978 final evaluatory reports on 262 GRAS substan-
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residents who can analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their
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to provide top quality health care, but “we have to
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with amebiasis has proved that saline purges in the
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very satisfactory result with good function and motion.
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restrictions on patients. For example, the postsurgical
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had gastric derangement ever since, with menorrhagia and leucorrhcea ;
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ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrosamines, etc., long before
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estimated to be only about 10%, therefore, even though
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Haemorrhage recurred at 8.30 o'clock, the blood coming very
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parts corresponding to the site of the pyramidal bodies — each pyramidal
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Dr. Samuel Mitchell gives the results of a number of expei'i-
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necessary to perform paracentesis. It was performed in all eleven
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Orlando Hyatt, Orlando. For information: William E. James, Ph.D., 64
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While admitting that Dr. Grimshaw had discussed the subject ably, he
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lute responsibility in this regard. We think this is how it
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the diet as eaten differs from the diet as absorbed!
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Twelfth day. — Much same state of things ; tension of pulse slightly im-
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medicine. This is the challenge we face in the Sunset Act
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is given whereby crystallized sulphate of physostigmia may be
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Judge Samuel S. Smith of Lake City in Tallahassee on
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Council on Scientific Activities. Through an organization
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Monaghan Union Infirmary and Fever Hospital; Physician
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provided that common criminal fish such as the White
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inflammation, and under no other circumstances, excepting during preg-
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decisions about health care would be made by Possum,
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the mixed ancesthesia of Bernard. MM. Labbe and Guy on also con-
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obtain aid from the valuable information contained in e\ery
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thirdly, that the view it affords of the seat of the disease is less satisfactory
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During examination the remains of a copious and dusky rash,