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Contributing Editor, spent two days during February in
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rheumatoid arthritis* or osteoarthritis. Rarely has
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hepatotoxicity of alcohol consisted of several studies
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the zero of the scale, using i-l e centigrade degree. The advantage
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nuclear antibody) or clinical symptoms of LE, assess
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available to FMA members which explains the impact of inflation,
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up to 18 full months when you are totally disabled. The
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the courts to obtain an injunction against the hospital.
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strangulation at the sharply bent portion, may cause congestion — a
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whether they were infused in the chest or abdomen, as soon as possible.
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tants of that place lived predisposed to all forms of zymotic disease.
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Patients should report signs or symptoms of gastrointestinal ulceration or bleeding,
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enzyme activity. Urinary excretion of vitamins is reduced
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precautions adopted by the authorities in your district, were instrumental
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the discharge, and the surface was covered with healthy granulations.
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including rehabilitation nursing, physical therapy, occu-
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" That the case illustrates and confirms the observations hitherto made
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acting. In the next, which I saw a few weeks ago, the defect is still
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Breast Cancer Therapy, Nov. 6, Holy Cross Hospital, Fort
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close association of the incidence of these diseases with
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prohibited. Obesity is a factor for failure. Stress and
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drug metabolism resulted from marginal deficiencies
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*These numbers would be higher if milk were not consumed.
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free diet followed the control diet, and not when the
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amount of alcohol intake whereas no role for dietary
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infection. Surgery should be postponed until the patient
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* Ueber einige d. wichtigsten Krankh d. Arterien, 1852.
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there was undoubted signs that the child was dead before the operation.
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Dr. Dobell seems to lay considerable stress on the occurrence of
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Scientific Activities, Dr. Schiebler said, but it has proved
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POSITION WANTED: Director of Medical Affairs/similarly
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meals are eaten in fast food restaurants which have
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Keffer, M.D., Director of Pathology, St. Francis Hospital, Miami
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these people. Since many of them are cared for by the
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