as 0.1% provided sufficient substrate for the accumula-

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correlation also exists between plasma levels and dose-

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pected or confirmed renal insufficiency Watch for signs

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the total (protein-bound plus unbound) and not only the

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irregularly circular in shape, superficial in depth, pale and flabby in

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present in an excess over and above the amount that can

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viewing Mrs. Ulven's personal collection of treasures

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the attention of modern physicians. He believed the truth lay in the

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medicine? We excite youthful ideals with the adventure

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abdominal pain, draws his legs up, becomes distended,

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backwards towards the spine, Avith a separate investment to every

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this group of phenomena he applied the word ''phthisis" in his paper.

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maintains liaison and serves in an advisory capacity to

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produce more of a problem than the surgeon is trying to

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Next, let us school and train our ancillary personnel.

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preparation result in a less uniform, less identifiable

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triiodothyronine (T 3 ) in the liver may be markedly

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absorbed, will poison the whole system, and be evinced by serious consti-

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with multiple manifestations may be absent and steator-

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The ineffectual attempts to produce anaesthesia by chloroform in

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it for an hour or so, but. she would not part with her " friend " even for a

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pox which occurred in this city establish, I think, the contagious nature

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a half ago by my brother, Dr. Richard Croly, L.R.CSL As

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abuse During or within 14 days following the administration of mono-

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is not a lot of time to stop and analyze the problem. In our

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further delay in implementation was granted. Physicians

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practice. Contact: M. Lane, M.D., 7901 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia,

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be determined If hyperkalemia develops, substitute a

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ALACHUA — O. Frank Agee, M.D.; Thomas D. Bartley, M.D.;

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the epidemic appeared many more, amounting altogether to several