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sequel. In other cases there is considerable tenderness which is rather ill-
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of diphtheria, and that under suitable conditions it may acquire virulence.
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gaged in occupations requiring great brain activity. The
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of the thyroid gland, these two layers forming the main body of the thyroid
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side and supported by pillows so that he lies as little as possible on the back.
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ditions of three great systems, — the urinary, the circulatory,
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which may be to 104° or 105° F. It may fall to normal in a few hours or may
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stand, I have investigated a group of cases which have been
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was one of the first to suggest that the contagion was carried by the fseces,
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toxin of the Staphylococcus jpyogenes aureus and that of the Bacillus dipk-
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of toxaemia must also be taken into consideration, as a certain number of
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follows: A standard stock culture of the B. typhosus should be kept and an
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fact that in scarlet fever the eruption is accentuated in the axillae and in the
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successful results in this series belonged to this class. In some patients
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Dry Heat may be applied by means of hot blankets, hot
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disappear, a fact to be explained by the cicatrization of the
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on the whole it may be assumed that the large majority were
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are constant factors. Thus far in all literature there are no such compre-
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during several months or a year previous to a general epidemic. The symp-
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points to its classification among the diseases that result from micrococcal
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opportunity given him to observe thoroughly the condition
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of if the blood was in sufficient quantity to fill the tubule and
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the nutrition of joints, necessarily located high up, because all
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mation and also general disturbance. After repeated investigation the
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The placing oi sole reliance u])on chemical agents for
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indeed, has the hard, cold, mathematical basis on which the
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Fock of Hamburg sent out blanks to a large number of physicians in
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and opisthotonos are so marked either early or in the course of the disease
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not moved frequently enough by enema, faecal impaction may occasionally
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formity with the experience of Overbeck. Section of the
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States Army statistics, arrives at practically the same conclusions.
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typhoid course. It is well to recognize that this is an error at the outset of
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imusually frequent at the present time. It is generally
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females at every quinquennial period of life, the high death-
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cisions of small portions of the bowels after injuries, or gan-
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patient should be isolated. Large hospitals for children would do well to
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then the normal number of white, and finally that of red
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exactly the mental condition. Thus a patient may be to all appearances
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than either the quantity of albumin or the tube casts."
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which most men enjoy. If a man is sick he is always very
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vaccination during epidemics, which often occur at a season favorable for
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