menia. As she became much quieter, she was allowed to return to the

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3 P.M. — Meeting of Council — Council Chamber, New Town

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its posterior surface is very slightly increased. With this alteration of

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and provided with a good bed, both to prevent hypostatic congestion

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the internal surface of the thigh, was a chain of tumours, some the size

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General Medical Council. The Council cannot forbear acknowledging

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rheumatic character. In the horse, as in other animals, primary

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depressed, showing a train of symptoms depending on the organs

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during the five years ending 1856, viz., 13 in all, while 43 deaths were re-

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Six fowls were inoculated with spontaneous avian tuberculosis. Two

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fore, more than half completed his seventy-first year.

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ries in the minds of those who visited them ; but we are much mistaken

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Post-office and Telegraph-office. — Royal Arcade, Pilgrim Street.

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tion \hilst still in good health. For five or six months it had suffered

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being turned towards the right side, its long axis inclined downwards

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lesions appear to affect the deeper seated portions of the lung around

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in view is to prevent, by refrigeration, the tendency to excessive cell-

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immersed in lysol solution, and again dressed with cotton wool.

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changes. Both kidneys were slightly enlarged. On section the

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of his life. Many of us will miss him because he has

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ample of his own principle of treating wounded arteries. The point

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open the pustules before the scabbing had taken place, and so prevented

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edit. Francof. 1601, folio. Copied in Pettigrew, T. J., on superstitions

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occur, such as specific changes in the mucous membranes of the

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normal ; appetite good ; abdomen swollen over the hypochondriac

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from the ethmoid bone extending into the nasal cavity, generally along

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obliged to cut through the bone above the condyles. He did not re-

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and posterior being similar. After a time, they undergo certain