H. W. Austin, who is now in charge, and who devised the
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first thing should be the establishing of a fee-bill to gov-
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which can be sent by the officers of sections to those desiring to
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' Dr. I. Edmondson Atkinson has been appointed a member
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40. Soullard : Thtse d. 1. Faculty d. Paris, 1899-1900, abstractM
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or pleura thus protected by adhesions, the abscess may
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patient is ordered to move the. tape in the wound from side to
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field of operation."' The article was entitled : "Improved Meth-
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from there proceed here, to meet at It o'clock. Motion carried.
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ably often subjected to intermittent strain, and that this may
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designated the method by the appropriate name 'artificial skin.'
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B. F. Hill, M.D., who practiced at Mexico, Mo., until two
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results includes, in addition to the most radical extir-
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circulation was tlius deviated. Another patient was a young
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Surgeon T. B. Perry, upon being relieved from duty at Wilming-
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tice, and not to attend paupers at a less rate than the regular
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of a healthy stomach will dispose of a large amount of
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homes on the first appearance of home sickness, and
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does not appear in the printed acts requiring such practitioners
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ing officers were elected: Dr. Margaret E. Colby, Clear lake,
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ties are not because, for some reason, they do not want
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valve fell away from the upper portion of the orifice. The
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in the fundus, located at the optic disc, and consisting in
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the torn rente basis vertebne — which was controlled by a long
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Dr. Egbert H. Gbandin said that few teachers of obstetrics
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sideration to the form in which the spinal column is chiefly in-
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flexor surface of the half-closed hand, without lifting
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Kbameb. — Instead of resection in cases of severe and irre-
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questions. These considerations, together with the fact
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when drawn up as much as possible, the circumference
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32. Compound Fractures. — Moriarta reports a number of
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ence has been known in Gloucester. At first the disease was
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rights of membership except those of voting and holding ofBoe.
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6. Acupuncture of the heari has been tried as a last
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Association shall be held at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. of the
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etiology is toxic. In the latter type there is headache, ir-
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pression being transmitted from there by the nerves to
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that most of the heat needed to evaporate the 108 c.c.
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