part of the illness is due. As the symptoms are consequent upon alcohol
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tenderness in an area and the pain which is felt in the same area.
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the marrow at the time of the haemorrhage determines its reaction to
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In four cases the primary growth was in the pylorus, once in the lesser
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staining, we can make out that it is enclosed in the
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jEy^j- (the) of a horfe, how moft properly examined, 10. How
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Hereditary syphilis, as a rule, requires prolonged and active treatment.
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epiglottis are very characteristic of the later stages. It is not uncommon
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In melaena the blood may come from the stomach and duodenum,
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dilatation cannot take place to any extent in the lungs. Nor does it seem
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To this end the horfe muft be fufpended in a fling,
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kinked at their angles, the clavicle in severe cases bends like a letter S, and
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acid and 60 parts of sodium bicarbonate. If the bicarbonate was reduced from
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pulse rate due to absorption of toxins from the empyema and the
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leave no trace behind. Dead bacilli introduced into the peritoneum, or
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from inoculation experiments, that there seems to be little doubt that they
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cooked meat for a few days, risk is sometimes run, for during this period it
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significance, and when localised it may depend on various other conditions
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cases be very irregular, with whitish patches of fibroid tissue in parts, and
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almost recall the hour of the day when the symptoms commenced.
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or by a rectal injection of brandy. Ether may also be injected subcu-
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Because these bodies in the mass felt sticky, owing to their enormous
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by inspection, there being over the stomach tumour a greater resistance
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discomfort last for some time. It must not be imagined that all attacks
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inflammation along the pancreatic duct, and he describes three varieties
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*' gular courfe of bufincfs in the ox-counties ufed to
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In the tuberculous syphilide there are circumscribed infiltrations, which
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for anatomical dissection is apparent in his accurate descriptions of
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ent quantity to meet the demand. In diabetes mellitus the
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tion between animals and the theory of generation, iliould
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markedly, though we must state that we were never satisfied that it
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fubftances that may become fo ; for if they were to
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Another problem of clinical interest concerns the source of insulin
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their nucleus indistinct, and that the cells subsequently became vacuolated.
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teen months or two years ; few of thofe that under-
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Operations on the Exfi-emities. — In dislocations, fractures,
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haemorrhoids, polypus, stricture, tuberculous, malignant, and specific disease,
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of occlusion of vessels. According to the estimate of Mickle, about 50
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increase in severity. One grain of morphine taken by the mouth has
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the anterior annular ligament ending about an inch above the upper margin of
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dicated that the introduction of antitoxin treatment of diphtheria
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is more likely to be made, but it should be avoided if some patient observa-
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Oil-cakes fatten cattle well, but are apt to render their fat yel-
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