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tion is one of anaphylaxis if it occurs within an hour
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taken my inaction to heart. Moieover, I had found puncture of
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cieties have found it possible to continue this program,
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the Board of Trustees, and Walter F. Donaldson, Sec-
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addition to acting as an absorbent to the gases, made an appearance
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during the past eight to twelve years. The decline has
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cardiac pressure. On the latter ground Hueter recommends the
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tried first. This is instillation of atropine in the
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Today.” Mrs. Sewell Borie, of the Red Cross, told
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he becomes attuned to the darkness and is able to find
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by action of pancreatic enzymes. It has been possible
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ance in planning to see that medicine plays its respon-
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roll of adhesive plaster four inches in length. Now, put on lateral
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to possess greattherapeutie value, it is of the highest importance that suitable diet be
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does not have enough fluid to deliver. I believe that
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acquiring an education and skill, and what is otherwise involved,
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talked so much about early diagnosis that I hesitated to
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( Formerly Chief Physician, State Hospital for Insane,
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pool. Upon arriving at the hospital, their professional
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son of Dr. and Mrs. Moses Behrend, all of Philadelphia,
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Notice of change of address should give both old and new address, and state whether the change is permanent or temporary. e
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Society of the State of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Session,
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an abscess was evacuated from the lower angle of the
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acute subdural hemorrhage should not be operated upon
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Mrs. Charles G. Eicher, 10 Midway Road, Mt. Lebanon, Chairman
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School, and Chief of Surgical Service, The Children’s Hospital,
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copy, and the cautions which help the student to use the ophthal-
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is my feeling that when the occasion arises they should
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Tees, gave steadily increasing doses to an epileptic, till the
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in the field who cannot recite the list and add to it
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one else removes the thyroid wings as the first step
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in adults and children. The ill-consequences of the persistent em-
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Schimpf, with the assistance of Mrs. Thomas St. Clair,
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thing necessary for the comfort and enjoyment of his guest could
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wrought against Dr. VonRuck since his recent misfortune wholly
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dreds. During that period I have seen but one inspectors of con-