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jugular vein or even the jugular bulb itself. With venous congestion and
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vary in different cases, and the total lymphocyte count may exceed that of
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tumor mass grows out into the renal pelvis, but no case has been found
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ago the effect of a strong solution of the corrosive
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ealls forth a seeretion. He has learned to ns.soeintc the presentation of
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may develop which may necessitate vigorous and even surgical treatment.
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development at onset, from mild to severe idiocy. Myxoedema in child-
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rapiilly. This is kimwii as i uiiju nii »(, and it iiidieates that the enerj
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the more compact substance of the fragment, loosened it from
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cab'iilateil ;is l'<». When calcium or mauiiesiniii is present in th'
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U so, of what nature? Is one or are both sides affected? If operation is
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writers, such as Fabricms Hildanus, took it up, and in 1789 Kortum gave
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.11' viM'iis Thus. .Iiiiiii',' miiM'iiiai- iii'li\it.\ nf the lej.' iimseles thi'ic w v
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The limitation of liquids to one and one-naif liters per day, as is advocated
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■ '•I'. I'i:i;;r;iiii In sli,,u tli.' |".sili.ihs ,.t' th,. .iirdiac \;il\,>s ].-,;,
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Ziehen (Eulenberg's Real-Encyclopedia) gives the following classification:
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stasis and renal congestion, floating kidney, cold — frequently mentioned,
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Water should not be taken in excessive amounts; it is not eliminated
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il 7 e\erts an osmotic ])ressure, it will also te)id to keep the watei
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brane J a similar effusion takes place from the ves-
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all the constitutional diseases of bone as we now know them, but also callus
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dissolved various irases and orfraiiic and inn nie liodies, tlie corpuscles
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and von Kahlden, in the mucosa of the tongue, found pigment granules in
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circulation can freely carry away iodine; in the colloid areas it may remain
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safer course would be to make a careful study of the blood pressure with
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Warthin,* in a similar series of experiments, has obtained practically the
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to 60 grams. In some cases too much is taken, myxoedema symptoms
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