is used. Lindholm employed with complete success the method recom-

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practically be eliminated as a cause of hay-fever except in

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centuries it repeatedly broke out and spread with frightful rapidity in

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rpm, 15 minutes centrifuging is adequate for "free"

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urine and blood are compared directly, the actual con-


roundworm is acquired by ingestion of embryonated eggs. Adults

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direct your attention to the fact that granular endometritis is a

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a river by robbers (a case which was at first considered hysteria,

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critical state has not before come to my attention.

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carditis. Pathogenetic organisms, indeed, act either as saprophytes or as

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consists in comparing the opacity of the bacterial suspension with

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use of certified dyes with dye content of 85 and 90 percent, re-

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on careful examination slight irregularities could be definitely

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But however well agreed the members of the medical profession

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resembles closely in its external appearance the cachexia of

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advanced in years do likewise; and but few are heard to ask the

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(4) Include an erythrocyte control comprising 0.5 ml of

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tion, which will more than double the present capacity of the Hos-

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alcohol and 1 ml of the dilute hydrochloric acid into

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appendicitis and the appendix was removed at that time. Owing

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working together in symbiosis, each may exalt the virulence of the other,

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Pieces of tissue not more than 0.5 cm in thickness will be

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nation cannot be expected to yield the same type of colloidal gold

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resistant to heat and putrefaction ; boiling, however, destroys the antitoxic power.

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Metallic copper is usually prescribed in the high dilutions, from

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state of the vessel wall, without which adhesion cannot take place; (c)

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inflammatory' process, the heart muscle becomes less efficient

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varied from 185-215 systolic and 100-135 diastohc. The urine

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might originate de novo, if certain conditions deemed favourable for

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perforation suddenly arising, are great, (d) Under this class might also

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chairman of this bureau, Dr. J. Edwards Smith, of Cleveland, O.,

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the responsibility. Under such circumstances, he runs the fur-

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work with the German grammar at home, and then plan to devote

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with hyperemia and swelling of the follicle. Reaction

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dogmatism which, up to this time, has made Guernsey's hand-book

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wider use in media employed to facilitate isolating cer-