strated that mice and other animals inoculated with saliva (mixed infection)
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danger. Another important question, which cannot at present be satis-
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The Local Signs vary with the stage and state of the pulmoaaiy
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appendices of the lungs ar^ affected with emphysema, to secure as full inspiration
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ounce, with fomentations of belladonna, are imperatively called for until
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the scope of this article to give full detail of all derivatives, such being explained
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Invasion Period. — This may be said to last from the first symptom of
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Sufficient attention will be paid to Practical Anatomy.
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Frequently the diseased area becomes enclosed by formation of fibrous
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of the State, the practical pursuit of anatomy has become legalized, so
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^' In less than five years, we have received six hundred and stveniy'"
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suitable vehicle. As this plant, like other acrids, loses much of its prp-
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the wound is situated far back and passes deeply into the substance of the
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than in England. In fact, at the present day, though cases occasionally occur in
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a tumeurs d^emble'e of French writers); or again in the course of the so-called
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the bacillus prodigiosus and known as " Coley's fluid." The use of the
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thing short of the most unquestionable experience could induce us to
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destruction of the tissues actually infected, by the occurrence of perinodular
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are soft and gelatinous, others are as firm as cartilage, and some undergo
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the belief that there never before has been amongst them such an amount
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He had for a number of months been the subject of momentary
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the fumes given off from the molten brass are poisonous owing to some
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bones, the kidneys, the liver, the roseolous eruption, and in the blood of
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Chronic catarrh of the stomach can be beneficially treated by stomach-
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Mr. Goadby, having received a grant from the British Medical Associa-
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may be comprised in a few words. My object is to give physical
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Yard (from ship's yards). — The arms are stretched outwards to the side in a
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nally through the conjunctiva and pressing out and excising them.
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performs the rolling, beginning by flexion towards the right, then backwards, left,
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I narrative, much of which has been widely circulated of late in periodicals.
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a lid. They are made of stout cane work and permit of evaporation of
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Mercurial treatment to be of any service requires a very prolonged
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but they increase in size with age. The teeth are lodged in distinct sockets, and
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opposition of the thumb and fingers are lost, and in writing (owing partly
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ing from the arm as simply depletive, and that from the foot as revul-
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position of his limbs is lost through the loss of the muscular sense im-