coincide. This is a singular fact, and not exactly what might have been
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die entzundlichen Reaktionen der Gewebe.Der Chirurg27:275.
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oils ; and as the animal oils or fats, and butter, are exactly
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the bath. The anointing with ointment before going into
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by a moderately Btimulant influence on the auditory centres; although
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more vigorous and hardy the herbage is, the richer is the
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action of the heart and arteries, and, along with this effect, and proba-
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[li is ki'pt in two forms?; one, that of cylindrical sticks, adapted for tO]
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lity of the system, and frequently conduces to sleep. It has
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of fermentation, which, in the end, converted food into chyme,
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ever may have been the merits of the fiirnicr editions, as exhibiting the
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le is liable; for a smaller dafly amount than that originally oeeesaaiy
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From experiments of Magendie, Andral, and others, brucia is believed
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twenty-eight pulsations. (B, d F. Medio(xhir, Rev., July, 1859, p 167.)
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writers generally assert, with aphrodisiac excitement. They gradually
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mon as an idiopathic disease, and as following local injuries.
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it may be aa a tonic. The tincture is chiefly employed externally, by
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experience or observation. A physician thoroughly acquainted, from
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tion. The probability is, that some of these abnormal effects are owing