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opened two regional offices. One is located in North
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altered as to the duality of typhus and typhoid fever. He always admitted
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care. This activity is supported by contracts between the
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To my mind there seems no occasion to seek so elaborate a theory in
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the Florida Medical Association (though I do intend to
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■ Low incidence of bacterial resistance in community
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Medical Pharmacology. Sixth edition, edited by F. H.
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obviating the protrusion of the head of the humerus. That by
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Ron Johnson, Bay Democrat; and Pete Dunbar, Pinellas
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physician, for they had sometimes cast it upon him as a boast, saying,
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in any respect, save this, that I became impressed with the belief that to
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quence of the narrow calibre of the urethra, the hard nature of the
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one in 1,000 live births. In the past, female sex hormones have been used during pregnancy in an attempt to treat
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worker, whether it be a diet for weight reduction or for a brittle diabetic. Advice to a teenager would be different than
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would be about double, for "light" smokers [less than 15 cigarettes a day], about 50 percent.) The mortality associated
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sudden interruption of the nutrition of the brain in each case. We
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similar or even more severe problems yet function well
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explicit in diagnosis with a better understanding of the
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choline oxidation; choline supplementation reduces (but
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Rufus K. Broadaway, M.D. and Eugene G. Peek, M.D. —
weakness of the extremities. 24 ' 27 > 30 The signs of cyanide
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cauterize an ulcerated OS uteri, or to reduce an enlarged cervix. In two
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became sore the patient kept up digital compression himself.
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efforts of James L. Borland Jr., M.D., President, and the
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from paronychia of the index finger of the left hand, to open which
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and he would ask him whether the tightening and compressing of the
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partum haemorrhage. The case is recorded by Dr. Lee, having been seen
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appointment only. Marvin Ross Friedman & Co., 15451 Southwest
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made to determine the influence of antiseptics and disinfectants on
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tion of food has, been developed for individual communi-
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obtained. Animal studies have demonstrated deficiency
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dermatology text. The price is extremely reasonable and