limited primarily to the treatment of severe psychotic depression in the presence of significant fatality risk

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forceps. As to Table No. 3, his reason for giving it was that in the

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as a nutritional index. When cumulative nitrogen output

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morning (13th), and blackish sputa for a few days (up to the 19th),

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was characterized by fever, chills, leukopenia or leuko-

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society and the FMA and displayed an early interest in

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By a strumous or scrofulous tendency he meant a tendency to a low form

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sought. An injury causing forced extension of the wrist

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M.D.; Warren Lindau, M.D.; Ildefonso R. Mas, M.D.; Norman

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point from what they did some years since. I am not, however, about to

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months than during the summer and autumnal ones. Why? Winter

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separating fruits from vegetables, and making a separate

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health care dollar: in 1940, 24.4%, in 1965, 21.6%;

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twisted my knee, Doc.” A typical examination reveals

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3 to 4 gm of nitrogen is added to cover the excretion of

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results of these efforts have emphasized the need for greater

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value of this old and much-abused remedy in the tertiary and

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priced inhaler for etherization in hospital practice (Plate XII.).

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drink. The deep vertical incision under the chin, with a scalpel

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OVERDOSAGE: Manifestations of acute overdosage include rest-

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been reported useful in obese patients with hypertension, symp-

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2. Hughes, W. T.; Price, R. A.; Sisko, F ; Horvan, S.; Kafatos, A. G.; Schonland, M , and

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