vaded district (usually limited in area) is attacked.
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among males and persons who come in contact Avith horses (hostlers,
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ing, great pain in the epigastric region, and, later, diarrhea, and exces-
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powder or a hypodermic injection of morphin (gr. \—\ — 0.010-0.016)
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nated. In doubtful cases, a bacteriologic examination of the membran-
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spleen, and conjunctiva. The blood is fluid and dark, and the corpus-
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symptom ^\e should be guarded in making a diagnosis. Initial pain is
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valescence from an acute endocarditis the patient should be kept at rest,
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hence does not produce displacement of adjacent organs. It may be
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In the intervals between the attacks gas- In the intervals between attacks no gas-
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arthritis sometimes affects the shoulder-joint. It is not uncommon, and
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cases four deaths occurred during or immediately following surgi-
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than the left ; they both may present as tumors in the right hypochon-
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suit the age, and I have found that barley-water, when made in the man-
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progressive in spite of all treatment. Belladonna or hyoscin seems to
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anesthesia. In some interesting instances there may appear nervous
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Belladonna. I do not think anyone realized its magnitude, and
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parietal, temporo-sphenoidal, and occipital lobes. The superior longi-
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infra-spinatus. The skin over the scapula is usually anesthetic.
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longing the diastole digitalis causes overfilling of the left ventricle rests
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and time, though not indicative of so great peril as the preceding. It
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Severe over-exertion. («') Frequent epistaxis may be caused by arterio-
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spread on bread, and from one quarter to half a gland may be taken
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Stone in the pelvis of the kidney and stone in the ureter will
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an inexperienced nurse to keep the patient dry and clean if the
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increasing the flow of bile, thus forcing the stone outward toward the
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especially the left. She was sent to the hospital where she was soon
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injudicious eating, followed by mild inflammatory symptoms within a few
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laryngeal nerve ; the lesion may, however, be nuclear or in the course
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from the central nervous system, showed that its virulence undergoes
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tain force (threshold) or a certain amount (summation) ; (3) of respond-
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perature usually indicates mischief (Pepper), while hemorrhages of the
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ing to Carter, the '' digestion leukocytosis is present after a meal of
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Treatment. — Prophylaxis. — Upon the reception of a bite thorough
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monary affections. The respirations are frequent ; the pulse is
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an intricate combination that it is next to impossible for the unin-
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ing slowness of the systole, suffices for a certain diagnosis.
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Symptoms. — These are frequently overshadowed by those of the