left side of the head; it commenced a little below the

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"What," he asked, "is this plasma, protoplasm, blas-

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"clinical schools" by the Royal Colleges of Physicians

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of Condy's tluid,much diluted, n'as tried without satisfac-

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* On tliis point we must be^ to differ TVith Professor Garagee.

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ointment or of tincture of iodine, or the internal ad-

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when the nitric acid was first applied, the patient's

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should be quarterly. The result of this change has been

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occurrence of an induration in the sterno-mastoid mus-

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utmost ditiicidty in opening tbe vein, he allowed me to

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firmation of my statements. In doing so I especially

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studied his subject both in books and on the bodies

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does not practise homoeopathy ; although his letter,

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in St. Giles's. At an inquest on the body of this man

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Case xi. On February 8th, 18C3, Mr. Mayor requested

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literature. He was most successful as a practitioner;

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" This is the characteristic malignant pustule, which

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keloid spots in their favourite habitat — the skin cover-

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Hall. It occupied the place now used as a clothes store.