turbance due to degeneration of her spinal cord. This sensa-

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cloudy. Add another 0.5 or 1.0 ml of the 0.67 N H 2 S0 4

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been followed for periods of years, and in this way it has been

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described illustrating various types of deformity of the QRS

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anal folds than in the feces. Therefore, swabbing and mild

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knows that he can always successfully plead ignorance. The

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ordinary laboratory conditions of light and temperature, however,

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merically in accordance with the following. The tube

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(a) The jar is prepared in the usual manner, employing

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have been suspected in outbreaks of food poisoning, of which

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Digitalis constantly for heart disease {when it is indicated), and

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of saline. Serum sensitivity, salt sensitivity, and the natural

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The number of cells observed, multiplied by 1,000,000, gives the

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ml of the 1 :20 or the 1 :50 blood filtrate is pipetted into

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"It is said that we are about to take the homceopathists into

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in consultation, where the same treatment was followed by the same happy results. —

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room there should be a large steam-sterilizing chamber, so that

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recommended by Richard Hughes, is very well indicated by the

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diagnosis of this disease. Its determination from time to time

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Reduction of Strangulated Hernia without Operation.— The following

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He was first seen about seven years ago. For gh' ye^^s

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sparganosis have been reported from the Orient, but sporadic

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volatilized oil ignited quickly, and flashed around her arm and

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third days of the rash. Exudation of serum soon takes place, so that the

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observed in or along the capillaries and smallest arterioles. Their walls

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antisera mixed in groups (as indicated) is valuable for rapidly

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a. Water supplies for drinking purposes should conform to

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restlessness, and a look of intense anxiety on the face as the child clutches

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identifying gram-positive diplococci as pneumococci. It is less

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special chemical activities ; in fact, the tissues treat them as ordinary irritants, and

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in the joints, causing arthritis. Very rarely a gonorrhoeal endo-

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cultures in bouillon made from this lymph, only two failed to show the

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Treatment. — Bearing in mind the fact that typhus is due originally

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ject of criminal abortion would naturally expect to find the law

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patient, the pus from the meninges in pneumonia, the lung tissue itself,

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mate (Cr 2 0^) according to the following equation :

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semilogarithmic paper the transmittances obtained in

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On the surface they occur in the form of petechias or ecchymoses, and

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Placenta." An introductory paper on the " Development, Anat-

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is not precipitated by acetic acid, while that formed by the columnar cells of the

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Gray, H.: Ideal Tables for Size and Weight of Private School Boys, American

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the rapid removal of the scab by profuse epithelial new growth."