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irritation by the muscular contractions, which are accompanied by trem-
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of the serum. For instance, in another experiment in which other
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treatment outside of his or her family, — doctors being
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at x, 147, 149, 153, 154 at x, 169, 171, 172, 191, and 192); (6) para-
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ing month, consisting of fewer days, the deaths did not exceed six-
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of February, in the region of country extending along the Hatchie
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different parts of the wounds, were examined. When the films con-
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tion is in every one's mouth. But these theories are no part of the
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marked, are not severe— but this is, nevertheless, a precious moment
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Spinal cord, tumors of, differential diagnosis, 1074.
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power of preventing the occurrence of puerperal fever. He has
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dying the logarithms of the numbers of viable organisms, when plot-
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mences with diarrhcea, succeeded by vomiting, or with vomiting
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lem of the relationship of the blood proteins to immunity have in the main
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patient, and may be excited by gently blowing or tapping on the skin.
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observed to come from the south of east. At eleven observations
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in which they differ from the culture organisms, rather than to the
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of the hands and the soles of the feet, the rubbing and scratching to
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and July 5 and 12. After the last injection congestion of the head was felt.
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The first symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis began 2\ years ago. She has
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of more distinctly marking the character of the disease, and of call-
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fistula; the thrill, not palpable at first, later may be perceived with
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greater number under one year. In six cases inflammation of the
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months on Fleischman*s hospital, mach dishonesty on the subject of his ttatiatics. Which
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safety, to an extent sufficient to ensure it anesthetic efl^cts.
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being induced. These attacks are also produced by pressure upon
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oil is especially useful in this form of epilepsy. Iron is only to be used — and
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foar ioches in length. Dr. Meigs thought it could not be much less
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Professor Lippich, of Padua, recommends the following liniment
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remarking on them, Yelpeau considered the fatal result iR the first
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fa the two last cases mentioned, and in the one now to be described,
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cyanide as the former. The remaining three preparations are: (1)
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successful. In vigorous constitutions, blood-letting, in the onset of
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fatty nature, and its cheesy odor. It also prevents the urine from
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out of shape during the process of spreading the blood film. I have
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disease steadily progressed; no discharge of membrane having
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The table shows only a slight increase in the number of organisms
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possible lightl you will find that medicine has had the respect of