ment of 1895 ; and I see that this year, in giving us the statement of the annual defits, it is
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"Not so very long ago a man of some years, not too well dressed — in
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group of rooms and suites for physicians and minor officials,
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large fees for such information. Persons of limited means, however, must not
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evidenced by the appearance as members of the entering class
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recent graduate of Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, and formerly
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multiple arteriosclerotic foci exhibited a few plaques, while in the
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paper designed to emphasize the clinical aspects as presented to the gen-
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period of continuous daylight and continuous night is not of
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spell, almost fainted and became jaundiced. From this she gradu-
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Experiments have shown that thyroid function varies and increases
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Council, he could not give the casting vote. We will have to add "Provided that at the
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small measure upon the skill and painstaking effort of her ac-
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the stomach itself and our therapeutic measures were always aimed directly
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you have a mixed condition, either a herpes on your chancre or
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the laws through which drugs influence them" lie our scientific
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mind, for even though a culture be used which has been taken
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he gave expression to fears saying that he was pursued, and in consequence
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Nor did he do this haphazardly. Out of Haller's suggestion
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He later showed some restlessness, frequently fabricated experiences, showed
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its 75 per cent, of contagion through sexual congress and 25 per
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provings, if we may construct the phrase. Homoeopathy shed
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Reading of Communications, Petitions, Etc., to the Council.
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very little, with her teacher or professor. Neither is she going
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Dr. Douglas — The reason why, perhaps. Dr. Armour's name did not occur to me at
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The Council adjourned to Thursday, July 7th, 1898, at ten o'clock a.m.
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Mr. Lount, and I submitted to his superior judgment.
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whole concentrated attention of the subject was devoted to the
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apparently not comprehended, for instead of replying he often looked about
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this year of two or more students of the College who are taking
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building is worth at least $100,000.00, and if you will wait and have patience until this
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ins, such as scarlatinal, diphtheritic, typhoidal, malarial, syphilitic,