membership, county societies and specialty groups; medical service
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problem of reimbursement for treating the large number of persons
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that the judicious use of the diagnostic methods shown
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iron deficiency anemia and growth deviations, reflected
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ville, the Committee on Emergency Medical Services and
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disease of the gastrointestinal tract (as in achalasia, pyloro-
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or wet, met with a sudden check to menstruation, and as the result
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ous element in the shape of plastic effusion — that other spaces completely
group format allowed for some of the characteristics
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It has been reported that allopurinol prolongs the half-life
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How seldom we weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. — Thomas A. Kempis
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persistent pain, 82% had a range of motion over 90°, 100%
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steadily along the groove (dividing the membranous and prostatic
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to the presence or absence of the uterus, a silver catheter was passed into
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on the EMS in cooperation with the Florida Hospital
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observed with overdoses; however, poisoning has been
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appetizers, salads, dressings, breads, main dishes, desserts, cookies, candy, a special Gonzalez section
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ances. Allergic Urticaria, rash, ecchymosis, erythema Endocrine:
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say, if we were to adopt this view, their existence could hardly enter
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status of the individual have very little effect upon the
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in the fourth, six in the fifth, and ten in the sixth month. Three of the
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small veins, i.e. , dorsum of hand or wrist: use extreme care to avoid intra-
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had a considerable amount of ha?matemisis. She was exhausted to
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who has already written several suggestive papers on therapeutics,
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decided that their poor brother's case was one of intemperance. When
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in the section on phthiriasis corporis, the elaborate investigations of
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sarcastically, “It is bad being married during medical
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lower animals, and on man, and has employed it subcutaneously,
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three grains of the powder of digitalis in the form of a pill every night,