more attentive consideration than the class of cardiac remedies — that is

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pally on parturient women, and he suggests the following method

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the case, prior to all fever or bronchial irritation. Were it the end of

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embracing the thigh, effected alternate pressure in the triangular

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placed by the members of the Association. In addition,

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three weeks previously, after sleeping in a draught of air. Nothing

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certain kind of constitution which had a tendency to run to drinking.

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rather exhausted and dispirited him. The wound is healed, except

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control of diabetes, can be damaging to the fetus as

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The curative effects of change of climate and of mineral and thermal

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form shown in Fig. 5, we improve our patient, and if we can prevent

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largely symptomatic and includes lavage and sedation with a barbitu-

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condition of molecular work, or motion in the living body, in pathological

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connexion with inherited syphilis. First, as to the vexed question of the

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smaller pulmonary metastases became visible— and thus

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2. Jose M. Parejo, M.D., West Palm Beach — license

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anti-convulsant drugs on a long-term basis. Since these

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At 9.30 Mr. Hamilton, assisted by his colleagues, Messrs.

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in mind the proximity of the auriculo-ventricular orifices to each other,

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small group of diseases which were prevalent at the turn

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Role playing in a cafeteria or restaurant scene also

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conditions of perverted sensibility ; the wider diffusion of a correct

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patients given the same dosages and that escalating the

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roliferation of restaurants of all varieties has given

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that plague men? Do women react differently to stress

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creation of new descriptors as additional procedures are

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distressing feelings from a mixture containing digitalis, he continued

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existence of delusion ; (b) that turning upon the knowledge of right

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signs or laboratory findings are also reported. Any fees which the physician may wish to charge for a medical

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Committee raised over $8,000 last year by handcrafting

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Previously, he served as Secretary-Treasurer of the

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The ingenuity displayed by many of these individuals to hide the vice,

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