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of the irlaiid could he explained ill teiiiis of either view, and indeed
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In most of the experiments reported below, the values of the disso-
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; ..!' ^'in.' .■xtra.'t i> a .lir.'.'l .•i.iim'.|1i.'1i.-.' ..I' tlic .'Xpfl'l-
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The coolers are old-fashioned, being chilled by the primitive method of blocks of ice.
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elTereiil lil>eis'in tlie s|,iaiielini<- nervi-s may ilepeii.l eitlier on a direct
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iiisr stales of extreme excitement. Dilatati f the pupils, hrisllinn of
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action of luire extracts jiiepared from either of these portions of tin
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OBSophago-tracheal fistula." Joum. Amer. Med. Assoc., 1915,
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7. The recovery from three deer, naturally infected, of three cul-
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of the hind limb of the same side, whereas a stronger stimulus sets
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cciricilioi.ili'il liy tlic I'jirt iIimI st iiimliit ion i>\' the lirpiilic |)lrxns. even
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cattle who have sustained losses through this affection, even if they
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which is especially enforced against foreign meats and meat food
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treatment recovery is usual, though evidences of paralysis may
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were disposed of as follows : Eighty-one and four-tenths per cent were passed for sale
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Volume XTTT. 606 pages, with 6 plates, 201 figrures, and 1 colored
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made. On the other hand the author failed to discuss
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lii'Stc'W.irt, <*. X., l{„, .1. M., .-iml (iil,s,.n: J"Ur. I'liHini. jin.l Kxiut. Tlicnip., l!»lf>,
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Pleura, Carcinoma of the, with hypertrophic osteoarthropathy. Report of a
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'I'hex are far sim|iler in chemical stinclnrc, and are not ilesti'oycd !i.\
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activity. Several recovered when taken out of confinement and put out-
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tainty that the House of Delegates of the Missouri State
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pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of levodopa
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j^mear from an original culture is shown, serves to illustrate this varie-
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Hippuric Acid, (il.v ,.,„-,. II is iis,..| „|,.|inly to .|,.|,,xi,.,it,. li,,. I „,;.
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of these organizations. When the Government granted state aid in
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them against moisture and contamination. They are individually
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addition to numerous small foci in the lungs, these organs showed
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•:'lli>-ill: Till' InliTiiiil Stvii' «)im;iiis. Will. \V..M I \ I'".. I'.il:;.
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Whereas, Anesthesiology has been recognized as a specialty
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age of the patient. The origin of the characteristic cells is imcertain.
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,„onts bv the eollnteral brnnehes snrinirintr from tbe srnsory neuro,^
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been removed and condemned. Not the slightest objection can be raised against this
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Ldileiise: ( I i dhiiitl iililihnd' <'|| "'11 •'li(>i. I'.y plaeiiitr three mol-
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least 30 per cent of the cases. This second thrombus
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by the principles of sanitation. When reports show that the packer
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