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nent authorities is that syphilis can in this manner affect the throat

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tion, provided such fact be stated upon the prescription. Each

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was not a violation of the law. The next year, however, the

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"The recognition of the vast importance of the secretory

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Nevertheless, the variations of humidity at sea are much less than upon

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no unpleasant effects have been noticed except in one case, where ringing in

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a physician, a large, strong man, had a mortal dread of rattle-

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In his introduction Jacobi states that paediatrics is not to be looked upon

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regular. Pain over percordium present continually. Worse in time

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Fig. 2. — a, h, c, Representing incision with retracted ends of stricture;

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kidney, existed before operation and was unrelieved. The fatal result in

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loss of the tissues severed. Kuhn operates under slight general ansesthesia,

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Early in February each physician in the United States exclu-

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in an incomplete, broken manner, with new, for the most part sparse, flat,

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either liquid or soluble, so that they may be given by the mouth, and, being

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•■' Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, 1855, 341.

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don it was highly recommended. It was commonly reported

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advisability of pylorectomy, and did not expect to remain under

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that the source of the peripheral reflex irritation was the eyes. There are