safe return to health. This was done by separating the destroying
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examinations make it seem in every way probable that, in health, there
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Medical and Physical Science, published in Calcutta, and edited by F.
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formed of little more than a single layer of cells, that the fusiform fibro-
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here it may be remarked that in other epidemics the latent period has
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searches of M. Bouchard have proved that, for the same quantity of
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Vivch. Arch. cix. 1887, p. 365. — 38. Hohnfeldt. Ziegler's Beitr. iii. 1888, p. 343.
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Epidemics iyi Britain, vol. ii. p. 348. — 6. Report on the Influenza Epidemic, 1889-90, p.
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may present morphological characters varying as the conditions of growth
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the observation of surface temperature and the results of plethysmo-
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derangements the skin is often dry, scaly, and inactive. For this con-
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produced than is wanted, but not so obvious, though equally true, that
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pink, which become reddish brown and then do not disappear on press-
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muscles that indicated a localised neuritis. A very interesting group
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is often found also that an organism obtained from a bacterial lesion of
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always borne in mind. The necessity for introducing only bland and
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science ; and to show the standing that he occupies here, it is sufficient
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instances, though rarely, by cerebral haemorrhage. From the graver forms
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Rosa Cinexis, a cotmtrywoman aged 36, of a nervous temperament
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can be beard across the room. There is no one within a great distance
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principles reside in such substances as sarsaparilla and hemidesmus : yet
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cold in the head, and are not much attended to. Albuminuria is usually
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branes extended to the bronchi, and the soft palate Avas also affected.
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than La Bourboule, has a much greater reputation in the treatment of
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2. Pulse, at same intervals, with statement as to strength and vari-
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chestnuts or potatoes, boiling water and steam, may be mentioned as
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Eisner [Zeitsch.f. Hi/giene und Infections Kr. vol. xxi. 1805), which appears to fulfil the
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Dr. Warren, of Boston, U. S., was called on for his paper on ^' Some
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D. CLAPP. JR. at 184 Washington Street, comer of Franklin Street, to whom all coromunlcatione
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Accompanying the changes in the wound the temperature is observed
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from the trachea in the operation, (ii.) Pneumothorax and Mediastinal
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infection ; what is it which causes her structures to afford so favourable
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there be factories, unless the Smoke Abatement Act be rigidly observed,
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(4) From them are developed the new vascular loops in cases of