University of Florida, Jacksonville. Dr. Abramson is a Clinical

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leave that reputation untarnished for those who follow in

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ness of drugs of any kind to produce visible or material results during the

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or symptoms of pulmonary distress, should not, I think, be regarded as

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thoroughly in order to understand the total program.

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cooperation with the citizens of these communities who,

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hue (as seen by the coloured lithograph, Plate XV., Fig. 2). It

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out the accumulation of data relative to that problem, and

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This is an investigation of the FMA for allegedly restraining

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espoused by conflicting authorities, there is, nevertheless, as inWiost

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become thoroughly familiar with all of these items so that you can

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the Florida Athletic Coaches Association. Committee


occurred in my district. The first case was seen in December ; the

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limited to lactose which produces an acid milieu in the

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day of the First Meeting of the House of Delegates, typewritten and in

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Finally, it is important to determine what a patient is

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treatment of injured persons of like standard of living.”

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extent of the wound united by the first intention, and as long as the

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strated that radiocarpal and intercarpal joints contribute

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our opinion, it contains more correct and practical information, with

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effort focused on the availability and utilization of

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members of the Reference Committees, the assignment