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professional zeal and humanity regard friend and foe with common ten-
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Psychological Association applied to the Committee of Council, on
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Mr. GoscHEN said Dr. Stallard and Dr. Rogers had said that there
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nation. Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or St. Andrew's : Exami-
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as it were, to disarm our opposition to the second reading ; but we
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mittee at Plymouth as managers of departments. F/iysiolo^kal and
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see large letters plainly, for the exposed surface was nearly smooth.
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gether 4, 1 20. As to those district medical officers, the average salary
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analjsis, they were found to contain mere traces of gelatine, and to
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from a cistern, is a novelty. In irrigation, strands of cotton have hith-
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adopted to put a stop to the disease. It was not by legislation that the
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day or Wednesday in December, The exact dates of the Examination are duly
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viz., a sensation as of pins and needles. The day afterwards, she felt tliat
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meanour lifts up a sinking heart — that physician is sure to do good
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Demonstrator of Anatomy is appointed annually from among the senior
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dical officers are unanimous in their approval of it, and only lament its
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stringent as most of ours, and that the proportion of the rejected was
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disease, for in affections of the lower surface the very sign is recorded.
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practitioners, if they consent to forego all the material advantages of
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trict. In furtherance of that intention, it is proposed to hold a meeting
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cases brought forward as coincidences. — Dr. Maclean would not have
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imposed duties, namely their share of the transport of the sick and
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The practical application of science to the arts of life is the chief
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There is one other topic on which I must touch ; namely, the past
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years, will be given in October 1S70, Candidates must be Matriculated Students ot
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results an accumulation of water in the system — a condition which is