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Garrod. Garrod has also shown that it exists in an abnormal quantit}^ in
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VON Oefele, who has lor some time past employed the
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matters of which they were composed were, when discharged,
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andria, District of Columbia. It was at the latter place that
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bronchial rales are liable to be heard in this stage.
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this pathological law. The fact, also, that the lining membrane of the
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and Soda with Glycerine, which are most desirable adjuncts.
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quantity of blood, as already stated, is probably not subject to much
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approbation of the New-York Academy of Medicine. Thou-
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scess leads to a sudden and copious purulent expectoration, if the life of
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increased in proportion to the urgency of the indication. The habits of
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of this disease as occurring in infantile life, it will require but a brief con-
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out regurgitation. If the murmur be diff*used be^yond the apex, around
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were eminent members of the society of Friends, and held im-
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For 30 Patients a week (with or without dates), - $1.00
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by M. Yillemin. By a series of experiments M. Yillemin demonstrated
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rule, is more or less raised in proportion as the tuberculosis is progres-
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distinguish it from ordinarj^ pneumonia, that is, lobar pneumonia, and
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tis — ^he was certain that he was not mistaken. The correct diag-
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The aff(!Ction is of very rare occurrence. Its causation is obscure. In
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proves efficacious in some cases and not in others. Frequently the past
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Treatment. — The treatment of acute larjmgitis relates to general and
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Dr. Hartshome has also furnished the following history of
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ber of patients at Bellevue Hospital, I can bear testimony to its apparent
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2 For further details respecting the parts of the country in Avhich the affection
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further concern. It is certain that sleepiness increased upon
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Subinvolution, Threatened Abortion, Vomiting in Pregnancy and Chlorosis j directing its action to the entire
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it may destroy life by asthenia. Acute pericarditis is sometimes developed
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ftnd the river is always perfectly fresh, except at high spring
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absence of those symptoms which usually attend under such circum-
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was given in solution, in doses of from two to three or four grains,
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character. Venesection is rarely demanded for mere general
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The book is written in the characteristic vigorous style of its able and versatile author. —
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^tisfaction. Respectfully, sufBciently frequently to satisfy myself of its merits. It is of
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plified the precision and adaptation of the laws presiding over the safety
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