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it. — Editorial, Harrisburg Patriot, April 1, 1943.

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an appetizer, and charged the nurses as to the diet for whole period

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the Section on Medicine of The Medical Society of the

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tailed in three monographs, viz., “Exophthalmic Goiter

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treating these ulcers by astringents, recommends attention to,

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jellies have long been used as the most effective con-

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often such as to lead to an erroneous diagnosis. In infants,

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There is a serious effort being made to extend hos-

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throw it in the wastebasket. And speaking of “the

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will be of avail if the patient, whether adult or infant, be fed that

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in discouraging its adoption as a routine measure. Only

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campaign was not a success. We have now fallen in line with

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by the fact that today, more Lov-e" Corrective Brassieres are being fitted

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with the unrestricted freedom of choice of physician,

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trial Toxicology, Wilmington. Del., and Associate Professor of

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preparations,* especially in the present emergency, in

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Department of Health, would give a talk on “Wartime

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by Harley. Their observations lead them to believe that conia,