old people with disabling arthritis in one or both hips. It is
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Pigmentation of the cornea and lens has been reported to occur after long-term
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cases of attempted suicide by lucifer matches, in all of which the
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ownership in any hospital or other health care facility by physicians
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your problems are complicated and multiplied by the numbers of patients
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medical school in Georgia was unable to find one case in
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portion being that to which one or both papillary muscles are attached.
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the increased use of total parenteral nutrition have come
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free: (800) 538-1581. (In California call the number
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be aggressively hyperalimented prior to elective therapy
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its resulting decrease in blood volume, may produce
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Virtually every practicing physician in Florida has received requests from our agency to furnish
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Some of these cases had had small-pox, and were pitted deeply, and
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but after operation her menstruation was healthy, and not in excess.
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ramifications of all of its functions. This is the first time
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large measure for it in the U.S. Based upon the same
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hemorrhagic cystitis. Vincristine has been given at.
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tubes the blood is allowed to flow so freely into the veins that the
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In spite of the difficulties in getting this program
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the product the more it costs in either instance, and it is
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• Dr. Price, 1285 Orange Avenue, Winter Park 32789.
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MOUNTAIN PROPERTY: Four well-wooded acres nestled in the
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examined and intermittently followed verbal commands.
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be considered as a useful tool in the orthopaedist’s
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at this time is a careful analysis of benefits. Individual
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for a family to adhere to this diet requires major changes
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patient selection or the inexperienced operator with
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5. Laros, G. S. and Moore, J. J.: Complications of Fixation in Intertrochanteric Fractures,
rare or non-existent (except in association with other
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catatonic schizophrenia. Again, the introduction of
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cases, occasioned by constitutional causes, one of the most frequent of
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Dr. Little, in reply, said he was much obliged to Dr. Purser for his