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Cook Austin A. Hayden, Chicago Thomas P. Foley, Chicago

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was referred to us as a result of the report of the

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is highly effective in controlling excessive ovarian

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Benefits (per Family Contract) for Years Ending December 31, 1954, 1953, 1952, and 1951

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testes, and the desire which existed for sexual indulgence. The inability

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Alfred J. Vignec, Vice-Chairman . . . .New A"ork City

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enced. It was located in the groin and was followed

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vealed no free air under the diaphragm for the first

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that of the sulfonamides, it is more difficult for an

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contained less free silica than the usual lower limit

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Chem. 17:325, 1914. 3. Rose, W. C., Physiol. Rev. 18:109, 1938. 4. Lusk, G., J. Nutrition 3:519, 1931. Borsook, H.,

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hold, by this act of yours, so delicate and interesting a rela-

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patient. The only significant provision in the law is

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constantly heard spoken of in reference to fever — the rapid progress of a

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“Bills have been introduced to limit medical licens-

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istry, and of the Structure and Actions of the Animal Tissues,

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might feel possibly more that the virus has been impaired by

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have never witnessed this occurrence in typhus.) The rash argues, there-

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duction of officers of the State Medical Society was

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tion to welcome all visitors on any level in the hospitals affiliated with medical

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three — all nerves — namely, the glosso-pharyn-

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atric Society was held on March 24 at Craig Colony,

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presumable that those not described might be referred to some

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some cases, even a decrease in laboratory procedures

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Archibold, associate clinical professor of obstetrics,

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— James H. Hutton ; Internal Medicine, Charles A. El-

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“time and a half” for energy spent during actual

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Leaning forAv.ard in a gorilla slouch during walking

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1 , of the Society which make our rates” [New York

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11, 1952; expected date of confinement was June 18,

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bruised with flesh off the right foot, and the man-

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the State of New York and especially in the City of New York know well. He is

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Vtce-Presidents—'DTB. Thomas W. Blatchtord, of New York;

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doctor’s program, for the public benefit. It should