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metastasis. Astonishingly little hemorrhage taking place, the
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contains living organisms. As to those, however, which
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brane of the oesophagus was black, and detached from the muscular coat.
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good marks of previous vaccination ; and of this number the success of the
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condition is good, there is no swelling, no signs of spondylitis,
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24. Enteroptosis. — After defining the disease, Einhorn dis-
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the mastoid process; effusion of pus into the base of the cranium, compress-
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totally unfit for further procreation. He states that
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pointment as acting assistant surgeon in the Army, and ha»
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is possible to enormously reduce the formation of pus
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geon to wait for violent or inflammatory symptoms be-
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new urethra by quill suture and accurate coaptation
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that normal relations may be dangerous to follow in
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vessels, which has gradually increased, but without pain. After walking,
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tration of 10 gr. of potassium iodid three times a day in leas
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certainly not applicable to all varieties. Many cases of hemor-
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Dr. W. L. Bavm, Chicago — ^I believe very thorougljly in
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of the blood is abnormally concentrated, and, on endosmotic principles, draws water
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tions are seen extending into the healthy skin. This
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the relation of pharmacy to medicine. That there is
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entirely motionless, because the centre of the system is destroyed. Dr.
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1. Landoia and BtlrlinK (Pbila.: P. Blaklaton'a Son ft Co..
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In the latter part of the night she slept five hours, and was quieted by the
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No. 2. — P. B. This is one of those rare cases in which the recuperative
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Before attempting the operation I wished to try the injection of a solution
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advanced scoliosis, dorsal and lumbar spines convex to right, head
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The causes of this affection are in most respects well portrayed in the
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the army for promotion, relieving Major Adrian Polhemus, surgeon,
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inflammation and suppuration; at another time it appears like true inflam-
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the body at full length and again curved it into a half circle, the head lying
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he has earned for himself a title not less noble, not less dignified than that
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"AVe have got to take the law as it stands." We are