include amongst them the antispasmodics, the tonics,

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the publication of a libel by Mr. Propert. Why should not this

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sequence, only because he cannot see the link which

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JL containing a Concise Explanation uf upwards of 10,000 of the

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T understand that Mr. Bottomley wished to exonerate a

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change. Wherever the meat looks black or discoloured,

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the country practitioner to be largely ijatronised. I am

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Abscess in lumbar region following pneumonia, 142 ;

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derstood that promotion would be his when he arrived

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" instantaneous treatment ;" from cauterisation ; and from

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rapidity, but will not exercise the thinking faculties.

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tion ; or, again, it might have been better, as the bleed-

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]\Iackintosh, Hugh Richard Duncan, Chelteubam: April 22,1863

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" Dr. Eamsbotham : I should say, generally speaking,

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the two further illustrates the difficulty which may arise

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sessed of great power, is granted alike by friend and foe.

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entire balance of i.'357 : 19 : 9, in the hands of the

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tionary is intended, and we strongly advise every one to get a copy

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that my idea is " omnis molecula e molecidd", which is

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the general practitioner to produce the ordinary i-esults

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sold diseased cattle. The farmer could not otherwise pay his rent.

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to action offers not only a fair remuneration to invest-

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is ready to pass from the stomach into the duodenum,

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from the plexus in tlie membrane, and convey it to the

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Schifl' consequently concludes that the matters requisite

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did this, we must suppose, for the purpose of puffing

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lungs by tubular passages in the subpleural cellular tis-