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t Patient died 18 days before termination of treatment.
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15. Reynolds, S. R. M.: Endocrinology 40: 388 (1947).
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JAMES C. HASSALL, M.D., Medical Supt. OWEN C. CLARK, M.D., Asst. Physician
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{From the Department of Medicine, New York Hospital-Comell Medical Center)
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salvage in early gastric cancer, it would be a major
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ent alarming reaction, except an insignificant subcon-
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psychologists, occupational therapists, professional
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sented an eligible formula ; and it was administered, at first, in the aose
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had an attack of what was probably influenza in De-
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ceptibles” will give longitudinal observations on
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Joseph’s Home medical staff in Utica. . . Dr. Law-
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fother of Publius lay sick of a fever and of a bhody-ftux,'' It is
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make such other additions afi are thought desirable.
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tific session, commencing at one o’clock, will be held at
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The pharmacologic and clinical investigations conducted with Pyridium,
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treatment March 26, 1953, at which time she weighed
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thing more valuable behind him. in compliance with this duty, I pro-
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core of tissue, the absence of liver tissue, and the lam-
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the possibility of tuberculosis or syphilis of the pancreas
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So, when brother Chip arrived, we had nothing to do but
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But may not the heart beat too slow for the vis medicatrix
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past regarding immunization. In the future I should
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treatment regardless of whether the child shows any
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and systemic pressor reactions than other available
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European Influences on Medicine in Colonial New York, Jerome P. Webster, M.D 1208 ^
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it is useless to add, that his breath (exhaled through this mor>
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UROLOGY— ‘-General Course Two Months, Intensive
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lic health work, with practically no direct contact
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trate of silver, through the same opening directly to the trachea and
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received the Schick test. The tabulation of the results
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increased pressure and infection within the ducts. Since
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cadaver; regional and general anesthesia (cadaver);
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less than 1 year, 33H% over a year, and 50% on payments
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Fig. 3. Safety pins, actual size, reassembled in the
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at the close of the present session, and during their stay will
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relevant, timely, and thought-provoking questions were
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and severity of the infection, individual variations
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oxygen-ether in seven of these explosions. From the
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seem the opportune time to pause and consider for a
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taken place at a point where those fibres were destroyed in such a man-
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Licensed and fully equipped for the treatment of nervous,
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of meningitis throughout the epidemic than those they
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will be a very profuse and perhaps fatal hemorrhage. Should
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increased to more than three times its natural size as compared with its
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tioDal oases, therefore, it were do more just to oonfound the two speoies,
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istration, which remains in oflfice for approximately
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Colitis, spastic colon or sensitive colon very fre-
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