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of Death." Mr. Pratt exhibited his large galvano-cautery, by which
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noted in considering its application to childbirth. 9. Any stimulating
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letter. It would be impossible to remove by main force persons suffer-
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or have been qualified to take the degree of M. B. for three years, and
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completed his seventeenth year, and have either passed the Matriculation Examina-
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researches. As the volumes of the Society testified, he was a frequent
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have passed with credit the Examination in the Tripos in those subjects. Students
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Mobiles (nearly 200,000 men) were told that, in future, they v.'ere to
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exemption of some whole families from the disease however exposed to
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puerperal fever from contagion. Indeed, in this case it was open to
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arrived at any very clear ideas or conceptions as to the class of cases
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"OpKos, which has remained more or less in force during twenty-four
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nerve-disc and retina, are due to this change in the constitution of the
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papers containing reports of proceedings of Boards of Guardians and
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hands clauses drawn up by the draughtsman frequently employed by
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vessels of the neck, but these die immediately, and are never carried off
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17. No Candidate shall be admissible to Examination who has been
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of the pleura being elevated by the rupture of some superficial air-cells.
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there can be little doubt that all the sympathetic pains we meet with
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the interval. The continuous current is now again being applied daily,
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all students into whose hands these pages will fall to ask themselves
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Henry Hancock, Vice-president of the College, Surgeon to the Charing
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cology. Before presenting himself for this Examination, the student
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Three cases of this affection have lately come under my observation
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taken a Degree in Arts in either of the Universities of Sydney, Mel-
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Morbus, p. 1S54; Lugduni, 1648) that, in a plague which devastated
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course of safety which lay open to them. It would be remembered that
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cannot but think tliat young men will be exposed to fearful dangers,
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branches ; and no Candidate will be approved unless he show a com-
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paroxysm, she would lie in a state of stupor for some hours, and then
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acquaint themselves with the different forms of Insanity by attendance in a Lunatic
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.Session, Senior and Junior Prizes in Clinical Medicine and Surgeiy will
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the pupils, each bringing money with her, would have provided the means requi-
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female element into the school. A meeting of lecturers in the Extra
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The trial of the baby-farmers, Margaret Waters and Sarah Ellis, was