ainsi que la capacité de s'engager. L'expérimentation n'est permise, d'après la
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Lectures with which Dr. Gerhard, has enriched his edition of
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adopting an additional circuitous route. In one case (Fig. i),
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lence of the inflammation the limb was at first semiflexed, and when this
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we had another case at Charing Cross Hospital, in which
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a much longer period than in health, and yet, when evacuated, they
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have been positively ascertained in regard to it; a knowledge of
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Remarks: The date of AbQ'l Harith Sinjar (mentioned in 2) is 1117-57 a.h. (1705-44 a.d.).
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other writers, who have directed their attention to this point.
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pression of perversion of the function of the bone marrow,
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matosus had almost completely gone, the degree of disfigure-
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periments, to obviate this objection, they caused the lungs to be ex-
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the ileum, were much enlarged, one of them to the size of the end
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S. W. Ruschenberger, M. D., Surgeon in the United States'
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ing features of the case are wholly and palpably irreconcilable;
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patient is then placed lying on a couch with a Barnes' receiver
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bartholomei de ordine fratrum minorum [rubric] | C [gilt historiated initial representing a grey
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2), vellum unequal in quality, holed and sewn, fol. sec. (of 1, iuris qualitatem), (of 2,
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violent dyspeptic symptoms result from the suppression of the men-
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3, 1 r°. has, in a richly gilt, historiated and gestured initial C, a vignette of Boethius seated
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Description: Paper, I of x 6i (the last four quires iofx6|-), ff. 312, written in
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ance. Although the chief object of our remarks is not in reference to
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cess, not merely in recent cases, but in dislocations of the hip joint
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Binding: Limp boards, covered crimson morocco, gilt-tooled.
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tion of the face, caused, as was supposed, by being shaved with a foul
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nona sit hora. Post niger humor adest donee sit tercia noctis. Postea fleuma viget donee sit
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that is the cause of cancer, or a loss of power to control a local
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most Devoted and most Obedient | Humble Servant | (signed) Arthur Dobbs — (3, 1 r°. [p. 1]
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of strong stimulant gargles. You begin with a drachm of the tincture
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Because participants will have a variety of prefeiTcd learning styles (identified dunng the individual educational needs
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assured her that there was a wide difference between five and
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ful, is purely medical. Indeed, without a knowledge of medicine,
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on canine piroplasmosis, and have published, in the Journal of
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later. In St. Thomas s Hospital Reports, Vols. 30, 31, and 'x,'^),
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of those that were attacked by this form of fever, and were treated