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reach of my finger. The manipulation caused so much
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—Dr. L. C Parkes: House Drainage. 101, Great Russell
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though he could not say that these towns were entirely free
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it was the opinion of the Society of Medical Officers of
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small cysts found in scirrhous cancers of the breast. Under
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deaths from diphtheria included 47 in London, 4 in Birmingham, Sin
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BROOK. (London : H. K. Lewis. 1893. Demy 8vo, pp. 132, 5s.)
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George Buchanan, one of its members. Many important
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is not formed in amount suflicient to strike the eye. The
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act for either the parish doctor or the police surgeon to have
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Dr. Mules (Manchester) read brief notes of these cases.
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take the fi a-m of a presentation portrait to Dr. Redfern, to be
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Journal of April 22nd, Dr. Althaus appears to have misap-
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cine, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; A. W. Port, M.R.CS., L.R.C.P.. St.
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two ligatures, and divided the vessel with scissors. He
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persons to make use of such certificates for other purposes.
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Go^vINf^MIDDLETON (James). Essai sur le Traitement de I'Epilepsie
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is beginning to take in the question whether the proprietors
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to be very complicated, but the author has conducted a series
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cular atrophy associated with loss of sensation to heat and
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wave being parallel to that of the stomach is undoubtedly
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of the large towns. The 63 deaths from diphtheria included 38 in
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surgeon-Capiain R Ross, Madras Establishment, is appointed to the
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did the previous speaker. Immense volumes of water might
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Royal Infirmary, provide an absolutely complete medical
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had awarded no punishment of any kind. That was the de-
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authority. Advance in practical sanitation is more to be hoped Ironi the
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his conclusions in regard to the identity of mycetoma and
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obtain reliable data, we would point out that the best managed factory
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to the Mission Dispensary in August, 1892, suffering from a
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such contribution, if made, would only be granted subject to the condi-
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had been notified since January 30th, most of which have
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note, as indicated to me by my colleague. Dr. Birt, that of
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An old theory — the hereditary causation of leprosy — will