testines, urinary, and sexual organs, also changes in the
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and a w^ood-cut representing the deformity. In its re-
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require the additional means necessary to give healthy functional
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The Secretary announced the receipt of a letter from Dr. W. W.
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selves at once, what is there peculiar and distinctive in this
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Indications. — Internally : Chronic vomiting from nervous
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it is so. It should be borne in mind, however, that it is a pow-
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the dropsy had disappeared, the heart's action was strong and
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When the tongue has a slimy, yellow coating and its edges
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opportunity, if one is inclined to learn, and it is easy enough to
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tear is loose and completely separated from th(> diapliragniatic surface.
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which becomes transformed into the osseous cell, or lacunae
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is oppressed its influence is corrective. Chronic pneumonia,
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of conf ervoid growths ; of these the largest proportion is formed
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tion, and when the pulse is brought down to a normal standard
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■1. IV ^'ro/,)T Grifnth; Connrillor, Herman M. Miggs.
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Some local diseases are clearly indicated by facial expression.
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used, and this should be renewed every three or four minutes
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quite as readily as another, taking possession alike of skin, con-
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Frenchmen at once ! ! thus almost beating the Sclio-
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agents in rheumatism and rheumatoid pain, such as cimicifuga,
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lassitude and languor. The history of the case revealed the fact
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a study of the medical records of the ^Massachusetts General
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perature line. Mounting gradually during the first week up
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Some singular things are brought out in connexion with
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nal organs arise from the thalami optici and cerebral pe-
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moving to and fro in the acts of phonation and respiration. Be-
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diarrhea. I have often been astonished that this valuable plant
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Calcarea Sulphurica — Triturate of Calcium Sulphate.
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and elbows, occasionally of the knees and unattributable malaise, headache,
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The cavity of the sac was secreting a sero-purulent matter,
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and more careful observation on the part of the farmers,
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ness. Quite commonly, special buildings are erected
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glands, especially of the skin and mucous surfaces, and when
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The study of therapeutics in this way soon vastly increases
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careful to characterise the disease by its products and efiects
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been convinced that a puncture of the cul-de-sac of the vagina
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to which has been added enough water to form a thick
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tive, the father of a family, — * unskilled,' he is
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he had several uncontrollable outbursts of sobbing without experiencing
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tention. Its chief action is as a diuretic, and in this line it is in
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modic jerky motion, which the animal cannot control,
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the minute, and the earliest period of pregnancy at which they
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ally referred to as "blood depravation" we have an abundance
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tomas in the guinea-pig and rabbit. We usually found after an
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used with good success, and in catarrh of the bladder it is often
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