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sality of this disorder, that is, the presence, from various hidden causes, of
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Weasel became the richest animal in the village and
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bronchial haemorrhage does no harm unless it continues for days in a
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M.B., Univ. Dubl. ; Fellow King and Queen's College of Physicians.
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RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association pursue efforts
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Those reported to me, and others which I personally observed, were as
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manner that the data collected can be critically analyzed.
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life styles. The Board feels that these and other actions of the Board
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conservative approach in changes of shoes or the use of
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it may be on the verge of breaking down, as you will see
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increase in fecal weight is greater than the weight of the
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N.Y.; and Xavier Pi-Sunyer, M.D., Associate Professor, St. Luke’s
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Case I. — Mr. O'F., a medical student, aged twenty, applied to me in
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not merely to employ treatment with a curative view, but to employ it
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biturates, alcohol, narcotics, analgesics, antihistamines); evidence of bone mar-
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catheter is identified and blood cultures are negative, the
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this approach. It is easier for her to accept the idea of
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10) In cooperation with the Florida Flospital Association,
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Education, D23-3, University of Miami School of Medicine, P.O.
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great accuracy in these mattei'S, and that the circumstances and history
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from comparisons of nutrient intakes of populations with
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allowing postoperative hemoglobin drops to be mana<
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6 of mania, 5 being unmarried, 2 of whom died ; 1 from extreme
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such as alcohol, opium, and tobacco, are similar to those of food,
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merchants, both of whom had been unsuccessfully treated for epilepsy
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employed in cases of this description had been tried, but with no other
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prior to the Board of Governors and its actions, in