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conditions in 1929 necessitated his return to the practice

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Guest Editor of this issue of The Journal and at that time

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routine tomograms, radioactive technetium bone scans,

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(irritable colon, spastic colon, mucous colitis, acute

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James J. Kilpatrick, well known conservative television commentator and

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A training program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami

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counteracts the utility to be derived from the short incision.

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7. Carroll, N C., et al: Pathoanatomy of Congenital Clubfoot, Ortho. Clin. N. America

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intellectual faculties. To operate, he remarks, under these circumstances,

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more manifestly impaired. She loses flesh, becomes pale, sallow, or

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knew what an important point in cases of centric lesion double vision was

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Washington, Seattle, concluded “that the allegations of

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hours intramuscularly only NOT FOR INTRAVENOUS USE MAN-

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Illustrated. Price $25.00. Geo. W. King, Co., Baltimore, 1978.

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mellitus may be altered in association with the use of Tenuate and

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physician needs special skills and use of other’s

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tuberculosis. Today in Florida, as rates cease to decline,

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it goes, but when we find that Air. Bryant modestly disclaims for his

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are accustomed to call cells and nuclei, but also in very minute

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and gives tallies of measurements in various localities, in acute and

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tend to cause additive and depressant effects, alcohol-

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the problem and of those providing the medical services

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McKinley Cheshire, M.D., West Palm Beach, Council of Fla.

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Coiitagion. — These particulars regarding the first few cases of small-

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Fitzpatrick, M.D., addressed many problems of doctors

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Dr. Perry, a practicing neurologist in Fort Lauderdale, is Chairman of

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lime, the permanganates, and the mineral acids; and in every

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so far that there is no good evidence linking artificial food

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Biekersteth was requested to visit in consultation, and to bring

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skin with disease of the supra-renal capsules. — March 30, 1872.

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sympathetic experience. Our spokesmen should be well

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voltage spike and slow wave patterns. This is usually

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A solution of carbolic acid, 1 in 40, was sprayed over the stump

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