Carl R. Meloy. Hypernephroma with case report. — Grace Hospital
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and C. B. Thompson. Bacillus mucosus capsulatus as etiological
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Thursdays and Saturdays, from 10 to 12, during February
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Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Otology
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although not en bloc, as in senile cortical erosions, are seen in cor-
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rence of tubercle bacillli of exalted virulence in man, 42.
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As the symptoms given by all writers upon this malady are
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Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon, Home for Incurables ; Dispensary Ophthalmolo-
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Orthopedics, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, limited to 14
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diseases, even typhoid fever, to bleed to the point of syncope. The
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seen was in a patient who presented a very serious tuberculous