patients had the morphine habit, had taken morphine for years in

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Later the discharges are increased in frequency, are small, and contain

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^ Of 793 cases collected by Welch from hospital statistics, 288 were on the lesser


this usually causes an arrest of the process. When, however, the condi-

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of the voice. There is a sensation of dryness and ticlding or burning

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still larger. It must not be forgotten, however, that patients out of

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of more or less edema, and often of wheals of urticaria, accompanied

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various parts of the body, afi"ected simultaneously or in quick succession,

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tics of Sibson, that complete rest and protection of the surface during

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cases the enlargement is considerable, as in spleno-medullary leukemia.

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in an attack of gonorrhoea, diagnosed as such at the time, or

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part of Vichy. According to Kolisch, eggs are not objectionable, as the

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by the dwellers in certain climates — chiefly mountainous and marine.

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air is the leading modality. Burning and rawness is the predominant

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4. The columns of GoU and Burdach. Descending impnlses are trans-

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modified to some extent by the special etiology of the case.

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medullary, and colloid. The may be annular or semipolypoid, or

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is really a battle ground, where we trust that a successful fight

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to administer concentrated food in an easily assimilable form.

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disordered digestion, headache, failing vision, dyspnea, and frequent

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an acute degeneration or necrosis of the renal epithelium takes place, and

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difference of potential with changes of surface tension and shape, or in-

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cold, gout, and irritative lesions of the pelvic organs (kidneys, liver).

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Diagnosis. — The history of exposure to lead-poisoning is usually

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rest in bed for a week or so is often imperative at the outset. As im-

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a peculiar sheen, and in liquid stools often by the presence of a

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quent upon a vaginitis, a malignant neoplasm of an adjacent viscus, a

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and dietetic measures, for in mild and uncomplicated cases much can be

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to 300 beats per minute. The puhe is feeble, small, readily compres-

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ach. This is to be accomplished by maintaining the recumbent posture

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The condition of the teeth in pregnant women is of special

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should be made. The point for puncturing is the fourth interspace, 1

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