individual may become pneumonia in the next individual ^
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an admirable but little known treatise by Hueck of Dorpat, (on the rotation of
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sionally thrown upon the test plate in the form of oxide when the escape
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insufScient to support the notion of the local nature of the
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under the co-operation of the family doctor who has had
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of Louisville. — The subject of this case was an intemperate man, 23 years of age,
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laminaB in the evacuated contents. But among the ruminants this
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dissipate any lingering shade of doubt in candid minds. Of all
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the naked eye, on the mucous membrane of the stomach, and sometimes
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no longer existed, but was represented by a few cells almost entirely
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malleus, and incus, the three little bones (hammer,
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consideration in the editorial entitled “Is Central-
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but plain itch. Our grandmothers knew it familiarly,
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were examined. Those in the immediate neighbourhood of the inflamed
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aneurysms of the cerebral arteries or other tumors in the I
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most evidently, that the disease was not regulated by temperature or change of
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and numerous vessels and a prominent and suffused disc. As
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fatal case was on June 9th, in a seaman recently arrived from Susa, on the
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laws, which frequently impose three, four, six, or ten days' observa-
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circumstances, are destined hereafter to accomplish still higher objects. Yet
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" 7. That a single woman, certified by a medical man to be pregnant,
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fontanelle depressed; scalp slightly vascular; pia mater vascular.
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miting, I repeated the operation, using but half the quantity of vinegar with the
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valuable means of controlling the haemorrhage, which is often
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suitable stimulants. On the day following she became decidedly
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contraction of scar in the situation of an old ulcer, press-
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was of about the size of a French bean, and was situated between
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between the one disease and the other. Acute polyarticular rheuma-
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approbation of Marsh's apparatus. In a late communication, he states
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as has been shown more recently to be often the case in
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filled with blood ; and that it is not an intermediate or adven-
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After the operation the contents of the tumour became speedily solidified and
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Montpellier or Perpignan, and are not continuous in March and
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in the '^ Windsor Castle, and sailed immediately ; she reached her
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or radiators. These contraptions are all more or less
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A summary, given by Dr. Bowyer, of cases in which the
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"In the natural position of the heart, no part of the auricles could be seen
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in various parts of Paris, and while doing so was attacked with vomiting of
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