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and foolish and naughty is this world and the things


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"In proper doses this remedy seems to steady the circulation

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powerful heart tonic it is deemed a very reliable remedial agent.

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sore throat. In all such cases the judicious use of sodium sul-

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entire intestinal tract; if restricted principally to the base, we

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copious draughts of lukewarm water, to facilitate emesis. Unless

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at the lower thoracic aperture, that when it is absent the phenom-

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at his disposal — to facilitate and pave the way for further inves-

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part that suffers, or of the brain that receives the impression.

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scribed a method of operating for vesico-vaginal fistula, proposed by Dr. G.

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of diseased action, and in some cases one will be found best, in

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she accentuates her own faults; while the afflicted

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In view of the uncertainty concerning the mode of transmission

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7 p. M. — ^Vomited the ice-cream taken a few hours ago.

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sonous serum. It was probably formed by part of the mem-

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wards and presented all the characteristic physical signs of a large

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from one-eighth to one-half inch in length. After the worm

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earlier, persistently fooled the public. Our genera-

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worms. The drug is supposed to act by destroying the excess of

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On careful examination, these depressions are found to be

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Obtaining the barrel of a small gutta-percha syringe, and

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brothers, and sisters; he even discovered poor Ely,

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But worst of all fares Mercurius at this juncture of Poly-

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ulcer is large it is badly defined. The induration at the

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the urine is scanty, high-colored, becomes turbid on cooling from

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Small blowing sounds, varying in character, shrill, whistling,

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but in warm weather they multiply very rapidly. They

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stance apply the poultice around the hoof, for if you do,

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and with reference to the remedies which influence the nerve

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