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and starches are more readily converted into fatty tissue.

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Entropion and Ectropion. — In cases where the lids are

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should have, are accustomed to removing turbinate bodies J

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been expected, with no useful result. Three months only elapsed

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any particular hygienic influence on the body we firmly

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nerve, which comes from a center in the medulla of the

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a tabular form, which will enable them to be compared with each

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consbted in absolute rest, the application of ice, and the admi-

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victim may forget his own name, his identity, his resi-

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advantages of outdoor life. Huge volumes are written

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advantage, that, as we are unacquainted with the exact quantity necessary to

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of the ovary, evidently leans to the belief that the majority of

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pessarv in the sixth week. The hemorrhage ceased. The patient

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given by the stomach, its elimination begins somewhat suddenly,

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good doctor. First, there is loss of appetite, a for-

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means a scourge alone of Europeans who venture under a tropical

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paralysis," cerebral hemorrhage) are rather circulatory

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a few days or a week or more after the first symptoms ap-

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being of this kind. Their surface is smooth, or faintly granular.

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the third, and 8 of the fourth; 27 were drinkers of ardent spirits; 29 died.

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was examined by M. Orfila, who extracted fi-om it a considerable quantity of lead,

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and vomiting. A physician was sent for, who considered the symptoms

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or packets under the skin give the tumour its peculiar cha-

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photophobia with consecutive spasm of the orbicularis, slight injec-

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The functional activity of the ductless glands varies

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nection which can be proved to exist between currents of heat taking place in

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In petit mal the victim may merely pause suddenly in

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of action. That such is the case with morphia and atropia, when

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these w'riters, more especially those of Italy, as well as CTeghorn, Lind,

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infantum; and it is also a fact well attested by observation, that children

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quent styes. Undue sensitiveness to light. Occasion-

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phuric acid, if used, may, by this operation, form yellow spots of sulphur.

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the intracranial pressure increases, the disturbance becomes

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Crab Louse, alias Pedkulus Pubis.~T}ns is the largest

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or soft palate; and the lingual tonsil is a mass of adenoid

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